Tesseract logotype

Our culture

Meritocracy is baked into our DNA

Flexible by default

Working hard doesn't have to compromise fun

Hear it from the people

  • Tesseract has given me an insane opportunity to grow professionally. The truly flat hierarchy has allowed me to take charge of complex strategic challenges, something that would've been impossible at any other firm.


  • I like the fast-moving and fun environment at Tesseract - you can’t just sit back and observe. I’ve had a chance to learn a lot, take responsibility, and be a part of an enthusiastic team creating something new.


  • I enjoy working at Tesseract because of the freedom I can have.


Perks & Benefits

  • Flat hierarchy

    Our meritocracy based approach to employment ensures anyone can achieve more. With the right drive and skillset your potential is unlimited. We also want to optimise your time so we have cut on the bureacracy; we trust you to do the right thing so you don't have to ask permission for every small thing.

  • Guaranteed holidays

    We need you to take time off of work every now and then. Taking time to relax and think about something different is crucial to your and our success. We guarantee everyone at least four weeks paid time off every year. Use it as you wish; explore the wilderness of Bourneo in November or be with your kids the whole summer.

  • Flexible working

    We wish for you to perform when it is the best for you. Whether it means working the morning hours or staying up late, it is fine by us. We also encourage you to work from where you work the best; for some it's their sailboat, for some it's a coffee shop or our office. You do you :)

  • Hydration & motivation

    Obviously, should you not be a fan of coffee or tea, there’s a pop-fridge and a lunch benefit. Our hobby groups, such as the weekly Tesserun, help you stay motivated & fit throughout the year.

  • Awesome team

    Chill but hard-working, this team is as welcoming as it is competent (hint: super!). With people coming from many different walks of life we are always open for new perspectives.

You can be yourself at Tesseract

  • Human-first

    We understand everyone requires different accomodations to make them the most effective they can.

  • Growth from mistakes

    Everyone makes mistakes. Us, too. We embrance our failures & short comings, learn from them, and move forward.

  • Embrace your colours

    We don't have a dress code so wear what makes you the most comfortable.